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Default ANTIFA Forces Closure Of Bookstore Over Book About ANTIFA

ANTIFA Forces Closure Of Bookstore Over Book About ANTIFA

Excerpt: Antifa demonstrators forced a prominent Portland, Oregon, bookstore to close for the past two days. Antifa wants the establishment to not sell a forthcoming book by a local conservative journalist that details “Antifa’s radical plans to destroy democracy.”

- breitbart.com

The truth is there when a group shuts a bookstore down cause it's selling a book about that group... a group that is violent and aims to destroy America and capitalism like some goon-squad of foot-soldiers for globalists.

There is too much at risk when being exposed. Now you know why ANTIFA where's masks. Not to protect themselves from being identified through political activism... but for burning, looting, assaulting and murdering people for their agenda.
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