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Default Feds Buying Up Ammo/Body Armor/MRAPs

Feds Buying Up Ammo/Body Armor/MRAPs

I have a conspiracy theory as to why the feds (numerous alphabet agencies including the EPA) are purchasing mass amounts of ammo, weapons, body armor, MRAPs, etc.

Our nation has been pushed into two camps under President Obama - the conservative, American loving people and the anti-American "progressives" who hate America.

These issues facing one another fall along powerful racial and economic lines.

This powder keg has been lit by media manipulation, political deception, paying money for people to riot, anti-cop rhetoric, and will explode under President Donald Trump---> Plus, don't forget about the coming economic meltdown. This will not help at all either.

All of these military supplies are for the coming chaos that will fall upon America and the world soon.

Now that's a conspiracy theory!
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