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Default We Need More Kids Like This... Taking The Initiative For The Good!

We Need More Kids Like This... Taking The Initiative For The Good!

Excerpt: For the past five years, Lashawn Samuel regularly walked three miles round trip to the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Franklinton Branch for help with his homework assignments, then back home again in the dark, according to WJHL.

“The kid has tremendous perseverance and he just keeps going,” said Kelly Young, a Homework Help associate at the library.

At one point during that time, the Columbus City Schools student became ill and was hospitalized. He also struggled with food insecurity and tragically lost a friend to gang violence.

However, none of that deterred him from reaching his goal of becoming the first person in his family to go to college.

- breitbart.com

What a great example for other kids to follow. He worked hard, not making excuses of where he came from or how others may have treated him. Hard work pays off. Another great kid in America and we have many other examples of this type in so many creeds!

I pray that he majors in something that he not only enjoys but will also keep the free thinking ways of conservative America strong and whole as opposed to LGBTQ studies or some other "progressive" ideology that allows for the corruption of morality. I think this kid who mentions God will be fine though.
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