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Default China Colonizes Zimbabwe With Power Of The Yuan/Zimbabwe's New Currency

China Colonizes Zimbabwe With Power Of The Yuan/Zimbabwe's New Currency

...on Monday, all of our confusion was laid to rest when Zimbabwe announced that this small, economically devastated country would officially make the Chinese Yuan its legal tender as it seeks to increase trade with Beijing. In exchange for becoming not only a military but also financial colony of China, $40 million of its debts to Beijing would be canceled. China was delighted it cost it only a $40 million debt write off to acquire its first official African colony.

Africa has been colonized by Muslims and the Middle East, Europeans, Asia, etc. Who's not on the list who has colonized some part of Africa?

Hate to say it but Africa has been burned on every front by everybody... especially by their own people.

Now China's Yuan is their official currency. Look out US Dollar. Yuan rising fast! China is spreading fast across Africa. China needs natural resources, agriculture land, and more global spots for the spread of its military. China will hang onto Africa like a Bear protects its cubs.
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