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Exclamation Diversity Push By Hollywood In Shows Not Garnering Acceptance In Other Cultures

Diversity Push By Hollywood In Shows Not Garnering Acceptance In Other Cultures

But when trying to sell overseas, American shows are finding the color barrier is still there. Why? Insiders say it's because international audiences have yet to truly embrace diversity on the small screen. "These shows are a reflection of our society, but [they are] not a reflection of all societies," says Marion Edwards, president of international TV at Fox.

But it would be simplistic to call viewers in Europe, Canada or Asia racist. Edwards points to global juggernauts NCIS and CSI, "two hugely popular shows, both of which have had versions with diverse actors as major characters, without hurting their performance internationally."

First off, many of Hollywood's TV shows ARE NOT reflections of even our society. They are political pieces pushed onto the American people, especially the impressionable youth to sway society in a particular direction.

The percentage of those accepting the LGBTQ lifestyle in America is very small. Hollywood would have you believe that it's accepted everywhere... especially since the government has ruled it to be included everywhere; such as taught in public schools.

Another point that this article translates to is that many people like moral TV shows but not immoral ones; such as Empire - the show discussed in the article. Humans know garbage TV viewing when they see it. That translates into poor ratings.

The saying goes that if you tell a lie often enough it becomes truth. And as Hollywood continues to push "progressive" ideology through TV more people across the world will believe it and accept it... even live it.

This is globalization - the breaking down of local culture, tradition, and norms for something unhealthy, selfish, and sexualized.
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