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Default Professor Wants To Teach All Elementary Students About Homosexuality And Choosing

Professor Wants To Teach All Elementary Students About Homosexuality And Choosing

“Queer theory,” according to Gunckel, examines why heterosexuality is portrayed as the “only normal and natural form” for human beings.

“It challenges categorical thinking and specifically aims to disrupt the hetero/homo binary,” she wrote. “Queer theory examines how the social construction of sexuality is normalized so that heterosexuality is portrayed as the only normal and natural form of being human.”

In essence, this "professor", wants to program children to believe that homosexuality is normal like heterosexuality. That as humans we choose our sexuality and that we have options.

How can anyone misunderstand that heterosexuality is normal? How can anyone understand that men have a penis and women have a vagina... naturally and perfectly designed for one another?

The rear is not designed for the penis. That is the waste dump for the human body.

Just because it may feel good to some does not make it natural or normal. This "professor" with an agenda clearly wants to normalize a behavior that breaks traditional family patterns down. It destroys patriarchy. It leads to the death of procreation as no life is sprung from homosexual relationships.

Next thing we know these leftist "professors" will say that having sex with a robot is healthy and normal or having sex with animals is healthy and normal.
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