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Exclamation Globalization Through Product Placement - Ethiopia

Globalization Through Product Placement - Ethiopia

U.S. fast-food giant Yum Brands Inc. has signed a deal with Ethiopia’s Belayab Foods and Franchise PLC to open 10 Pizza Hut restaurants in the Horn of Africa country as part of an expansion on the continent.

Pizza Hut will be the first major restaurant franchise to open an outlet in Ethiopia, Africa’s second most-populous nation, which has become one of its fastest-growing economies.

Kentucky-based Yum, which is also the parent of the KFC and Taco Bell chains, is no stranger to emerging markets with more than 1,000 restaurants in Africa. Its Pizza Hut franchise has 188 branches across the continent.

Wait until the robotic based machines run the pizza restaurants leaving the Ethiopian workers out in the cold.

First get the locals dependent upon grocery stores and fast-food giants, taking away the ability to hunt, fish, and even grow food by the locals.

Then, once dependent, have robots, AI, and algorithms take over the grocery stores, fast-food places, manufacturing, etc. Then the locals will have nothing to fall back on besides the limited Universal Basic Income provided by the very system that enslaved them in the first place.

Free limited money for food you don't know where came from... food that you need to survive.

This formula is being utilized everywhere.

Remember: This isn't capitalism. This isn't a mom and pop businesses. This is the takeover of a nation by huge corporations that are fighting for market share aka corporatism.
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