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Default How To Place A Banking System Upon A Nation & Slowly Be Rid Of Cash

How To Place A Banking System Upon A Nation & Slowly Be Rid Of Cash

Long the global laggard in financial inclusion, Africa has in recent years kept steadily ahead of the Western world in moving towards a cashless, card-less, mobile-driven future.

Years of inefficiency means that approximately half of Nigerians remain unbanked. Although many of these customers have savings accounts, less than 8% have accessed credit from a formal financial institution, and there are less than 300,000 credit cards in issue.

Until recently, the last mile of payments to consumers and SMEs was unreliable and impeded efforts to integrate more Nigerians into the financial ecosystem.

To scale this transformative potential, greater collaboration between banks and fintech companies is required.

Improving efficiency, cost, optimization, and delivery will enable banks and fintech companies alike to shape Nigeria’s development, better benefit from economic growth, and diversify their clientele in order to weather downturns.

- lending-times.com

In essence Africa and all of it's cultures and unique people and tribes are slowly being brought into the fold of the global economic system. Now on the face of it this isn't bad in the respect that as their overall system of goods and deliveries becomes more seamless and Africans have the conveniences of modern-day living... that is good. Not all Africans want to live as they did 500 years ago.

At what point does this stop though? Meaning what is the end goal of those foisting this system upon them?

We can point to the most advanced nations who are dying - western civilization where the natives are leaving their homeland, suffering due to current tech advances and are stuck in the very banking system that is being built in Africa. The future of "advancement" now entails robots, AI, and algorithms threatening to take tons of jobs away which will leave many unemployed in western civilization.

Basically like America (past and current), Africa is being colonized with banking and tech but will also go through the same tribe destroying debacle in the end. Globalists will develop all nations down to a point of singularity - merging of machine and man and it is this placing of a particular (globalist agreed upon) banking system that begins to bring the locals into the economic fold, hence a slow stranglehold upon them as well.

This is about amassing wealth off of the locals and ultimately becoming so powerful that the locals won't be able to stop this continuum as they will be "stuck" within this banking system that ultimately controls everything due to its monopoly on money and credit.

Money and credit can be great! But those who rule it don't even consider the human factor as related to their end goals of developing man so much that he is no longer a man but a slave to the system.
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