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Default How Globalists Work To Divide A Nation, Create War, Move In To Take Over And Why

How Globalists Work To Divide A Nation, Create War, Move In To Take Over And Why

...look for religious, ethnic or social contradictions, chooses the model of action for one of these options or their combination and tries to ‘warm them up,'” Egorchenkov explained, speaking with RT.

According to Mosyakov, it is a globalist management policy to sow discord in nations by fueling regional conflicts which allows them to exert pressure on those nations and ultimately gain control over their sovereignty. A recent example is the Ukrainian Crisis and the Greek Crisis before that. When the flames are out and the country ravaged with the crisis, it is time for the vultures to descend.

What one should understand is that a crisis just doesn’t take a toll on the infrastructure and human lives but it also ruptures the economy and puts the country in huge debt. And it is through this debt that the global players dictate their terms to sovereign nations for decades or even centuries if there is no course correction. That is the reason why both Ukraine and Greece appointed Rothschild as their debt adviser to assist with their growing debt crisis (Rothschild like Soros and other globalists create these horrific scenarios and benefit from them - nation destroyers).

These Money Masters don’t lose anything in case the situation escalates and war erupts between China and Myanmar, in fact they have everything to gain from it; just like they had everything to gain from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

- gginews.in

The excerpt above is STAGE 1 of how globalists find, undermine, and take over a nation.

STAGE 2 is where globalists place their controlled economic system (their particular banks/lending institutions) and limited economic practices upon the local natives (unlimited economic options are made available to the elites). Example---> How To Place A Banking System Upon A Nation & Slowly Be Rid Of Cash

STAGE 3 is the organizing of society with politically correct TV shows, a media focused on globalist friendly stories, schools to socially engineer children, and other forms of propaganda and movements/activists to pull the locals further away from being independent and accepting of this growing global system.

STAGE 4 is telling/guilting the local natives that their system is seen and practiced as exclusively beneficial for them (it's a racist system) and all minorities in the area are oppressed therefore all historical books, statues of past leaders, and cultural traditions are exclusionary and hurtful and must be banned/destroyed so any and all illegal immigrants can feel right at home - equal to the natives. Borders, culture, tradition, a people's history... it's all evil and must be done away with.

STAGE 5 is when the nation is no longer recognizable as what it had been for thousands of years (natives and their traditions) and is now a place of many races who are different in skin color but are all the same in how they think and what they do. In essence they are now programmed to global thinking and existing under globalist rules, regulations, and ideology.

STAGE 6 is when the populace no longer knows how to work the land, hunt, fish, forage for food, grow food or even cook food. There is little to no working mechanically alongside machines (Industrial Revolution). Robots, AI, and algorithms will be foisted upon the populace by the globalists, taking over jobs and systems, making all people dependent upon this system, devoid of much purpose. The value of humans will depreciate (the past strife between labor and management will no longer exist). The unlimited, independent, human brain will become secondary to artificial brains.

STAGE 7 is where humans will be devoid of most if not all past practices (like being a natural human) and the merging of humanity and technology will take place - SINGULARITY. Brains and thinking will be interconnected and monitored with technology. Humanity, nature's greatest resource (above gold, oil, and water) will have finally been ensnared and utilized for whatever the elites wish to do.

Those are the 7 stages for the "development" of humanity. You have no say and no vote in this. You are simply taken for granted as you go with the flow like everyone else, passively watching as you and your ancestors are placed into the dustbin of history.

These 7 Stages of Globalization were organized by Global Project due to all the data observed over time. It's all historical data that can be verified when wanting to see how globalization comes about. It may contain more micro-concepts but you see the general macro-development here within these 7 Stages of Globalization.
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