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Default If UK Leaves EU (Brexit) The EU Will Make Them Suffer Horribly

If UK Leaves EU (Brexit) The EU Will Make Them Suffer Horribly

Excerpt: The Times confirms that the port of Dover will collapse “on day one” if Britain crashes out of the EU, leading to critical shortages of supplies. This was the middle of three scenarios put forward by senior advisors. A type of best guesstimate if you like. You simply do not want to know the outcome of the worst of those three scenarios. Indeed, we have been spared from such details.

- truepublica.org.uk

This is economic coercion which is violence in slow motion. You see if the UK populace voted to exist independently of the EU as a sovereign nation then that should be honored. It won't be.

The globalist machinations of creating a massive EU bureaucracy, forcing it's nations within this prison-like construct to take in millions of illegal immigrants (many extremist Muslims within), mandating hard earned money go to support the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain), and threatening to basically starve this idea of an independent UK to death is a manifestation of globalist power that it will never let go of.

Think of the Sith Lord in Star Wars and that monster's drive for power by conquering planets via force and/or contracts and the creation of the Galactic Empire. The united power of the Galactic Empire was celebrated but the secret agenda was the empowerment of the dark-side of the force.

Another comparison would be to the Lord of the Rings and the monster Sauron who sought to force all Middle Earth to be ruled by him and his demonic forces via the controlling rings. And of course his one ring would rule them all.

It is this bloody seeking out of power within these stories that come from our minds because in our heart we know it is wrong but we are being steered to its prison via war, economic coercion and propaganda.

It's all very similar. Forcing nations together in our reality while destroying religion, culture, the family unit of man and woman, independence, the right to free speech and arms, the ability to acquire property, the displacement of workers for robots... it's all based on greed as opposed to really caring for people.

Globalist's require dependency and they will stop at nothing to create a world were everyone is dependent upon them. That is the way whether you can see it or not, believe it or not. It is happening.

In essence those who stand against today's version of globalization would be the Rebel Alliance who fought against the Galactic Empire for freedom or the band of folks in the Fellowship of the Ring who aimed to destroy the ring and free Middle Earth from Sauron and darkness.

This site is not based on fiction. It is based upon reality but fiction is the tale that reflects the reality that we live in. Globalization is the forced submission and often the contractual submission of sovereign nations to an idea that they will be better if ran by a central power. In essence it is giving up one's homeland and all future generations for a quick profit and some power right now while the future of the people will be ground down until they have no vestige left of their past and who they were as a people.

The EU response to the UK's Brexit idea is the perfect example of globalist power biting back.
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