The Global Project Podcast was created as a way to inform the public about the growing global empire and what that entails.

The podcast serves as an addendum to the online research project, Global Project where nearly 4000 data points in the form of articles, news, stats and commentary about the consolidation of market share, infrastructure and all living things has been accumulated. As the concept of globalization continues to expand so does the research.

Don't let the topic of globalization and empire scare you away. The podcast will also include topics on how to create a strong, united family team as well as motivational points to move you and yours forward in life. Being mentally prepared, supported and loved by one another is a major key to living.

Hopefully you will be informed and find some value here. It's been a long time coming before we forget who we are... our historical timeline and the fact that we all have an unlimited mind. Whoever you are, where ever you're from, you have a say in how your sovereign nation is ran.

All music has been paid for with all rights being acceptable for commercial use and all images have been deemed royalty free for use in the education space.