Global Project Podcast

Episode 1: Who Is The Bruce?

This is The Bruce's maiden voyage into podcasting where he introduces himself in a no-holds barred bio of himself. From being a homeless kid and moving so much that he wondered if his divorced parents were in a witness-protection program to gaining insights into how he could have possibly recognized the toxic surroundings that would influence him to go deeper to the dark side of partying, alcohol, drug abuse and not-so-positive encounters with the police. And that's all before he was just 17 years old!

He also explains how he climbed out from that dysfunctional life of the 80's utilizing 4 stages that seemed predestined for him to glom onto and grow ever-stronger from. What seeds of knowledge did he gain great insights from? What did he do to cast that old life away? It wasn't easy but he knows that anyone who is honest with him or herself can be better through a merging of the mind, body, spirit and the power of God.

Continuing his path today, profiting from his "big picture" perspective through the observation of both social and market trends, you'll listen to how his path lead him to trading markets, predicting social outcomes and documenting his personal visions as well as objective data of what may happen to humanity if people don't wake up from the slumber they have been lulled into.

The Bruce feels he is on this planet to inform you about the global empire that is being pieced together like a dangerous puzzle that, when complete, will be nearly impossible to deal with as it comes for you and your unlimited mind.

Listen in on episode 1 and enjoy the tale that The Bruce weaves to inform and inspire.

You are a Dream Machine! Rise Up!

Duration: 41:45

Global Project Podcast

Episode 2: Who Were The Luddites?

Luddite. Sounds like an old name because it is. It's a term from the early 1800's. England to be exact.

In this episode, The Bruce brings up the past, the history of the Luddites and the "working" relationship with their greedy, overbearing masters to highlight what they went through during the Industrial Revolution which is eerily similar to today's Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Discussed in an easy-to-listen to cadence, The Bruce compares past wrongs made by unregulated industry to today's workers and what they face when it comes to mandates demanded by multinational, corporate owners and politicians on replacing human workers with robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

You may be surprised to know that there is no comparison in the speed with which these advanced, self-programming technologies are taking over... meaning there will ultimately be fewer jobs for people to do, begging the question, "What value will we have if we are simply made dependent upon a global system that seeks to replace us?"

Don't miss episode 2 as you will never see globalization the same again as The Bruce informs you of this dangerous precedent.

You are a Dream Machine! Rise Up!

Duration: 41:48

Global Project Podcast

Episode 3: What Is Nature's Greatest Resource?

Ever wonder what the most powerful resource is? What in nature offers the greatest benefit to all living and non-living things? It's a big question but when you really think about it, the answer is quite simple.

In this episode, The Bruce aims to convince you of the importance of the topic at hand. Looking at natural resources; such as oil, water or precious jewels - which is the best or is there one resource in nature that overcomes them all in design and function?

The answer is "yes"... there is one above all others in both inherent strengths as well as it's flaws. You may be surprised to hear what the answer is due to the negativity surrounding it. This episode will provide a new perspective on the makeup of it and how it can be used to enhance all things on Earth, organic and inorganic as well as beyond, in the universe.

We cannot deny that with something so powerful, up for grabs, that there are also dark forces aiming to ensnare it and mold it to meet the desires of the dark side. Once again, globalists and their minions aim to do whatever is necessary to pervert this power for selfish gain. Where will you stand while this resource is broken down for wicked designs?

Episode 3 will have your toes curling in anticipation as you begin to see what's truly at stake.

You are a Dream Machine! Rise Up!

Duration: 29:07

Global Project Podcast

Episode 4: The Importance Of Family

It's downright sad how many people forget about the importance of family. It's as if kids grow into teens, shun lessons parents instill and then go into the world as young adults and buy into the negative stereotypes about family blasted from the media.

What's sadder is when parents split up due to unspoken expectations, outrageous, verbalized expectations and/or massive egos getting in the way of the business of family for temporary "feel-good" partying, one-night stands or the "freedom" of being single again.

In this episode, The Bruce explains how important family is. Not to just the unit but also to the world as it sets the example for others to follow. Family isn't just a group of people living together. That perspective must change into the family is the seat of power for all past and future people. Without family we become like the lone wolf without the pack to teach us, protect us and love us.

The Bruce also takes a look at how specific forces are trying to change the designation of the natural family from man and woman to "Parent 1 and Parent 2", undermining the balance of energy between men and women and the family team.

Episode 4 will open your eyes to perhaps what you've been missing all along - family and blood relations, the best things in life.

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Duration: 33:08

Global Project Podcast

Episode 5: Defining Globalization

Isn't it odd how powerful groups are screaming about how nationalism is overtaking globalization? So, we must ask ourselves, if nationalism is so bad then why is globalization so good or better yet... what is globalization?

In this episode, The Bruce attempts to explain globalization simply using definitions by other authorities; such as Merriam Webster Dictionary, the National Geographic Society and others.

You, the listener, will learn why globalization, in it's current form, is so dangrous to all humans using the very definitions that aim to make it seem a bit more harmless than it actually is. There is power in the word and when exposed... the truth will be revealed by those who aim to seek it out for the benefit of the health of the human species.

As you listen and pay close attention, you will begin to understand that what is happening today isn't simply about global trade. It goes deeper, like layers being peeled from an onion, so does each definition expose globalization for what it is more and more.

Episode 5 will give you a concrete foundation, based on fact and words by experts, of what globalization really is. Knowledge is necessary, my friends. It is not meant to be shunned. It is to be examined and passed on.

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Duration: 29:42

Global Project Podcast

Episode 6: Walmart & The Surveillance State: Personal Experience

What happened to trust in America? What happened to trusting neighbors and the local, trusting market where all the locals shopped? The market where you could shop for items using store credit and pay it back later?

Business in America has drastically changed. The days of localism and trust are gone, taken away by the paranoid, multinational, corporate entity.

This episode is me and my family's personal experience shopping at Walmart after they instituted their regrand-opening for grocery pickup + other unmentioned "improvements" for the behemoth's bottom-line... global market share.

Today, not only are Americans being surveilled by store cameras but our faces are being recorded into corporate databases. Not only are we having our purchases recorded but our purchasing history is being data-mined by the corporate retail industry.

Corporations aren't just watching you and I, they are also actively backstabbing their own employees to make them look incompetent in order to justify bringing in new technology to replace them.

Listen to this epoisode to understand what I mean. I included our sons on this episode so they could give you their opinions about their experience at Walmart and to also share how they feel about living under the watchful eye of the surveillance state.

From my mouth and the mouths of our young, listen to reality and how corporate America's manufactured reality is affecting real people. Is this the future you want? When does it stop and what is the end game?

You are a Dream Machine! Rise Up!

Duration: 23:03